Damsels in Defiance

Always Forward, Never Back.

A Damsel’s Week Ahead

“The people must know before they can act, and there is no educator to compare with the press.”

– Ida B. Wells

The Week Ahead: 3/14/17

Action Item 1: Call, call, call to oppose Trumpcare! We need to make sure that this is stopped in its tracks. Here is some more information for when you are making calls.

Action Item 2: Remember to push for investigation and for Sessions to resign his position as Attorney General because he lied under oath. Call members of the House Intelligence Committee and ask for an independent investigation. Find members here.

Action Item 3: The White House wants to hear how the ACA has impacted our lives, so please tell your stories here.

Action Item 4: The SCRUB act (Searching for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome), H.R. 998 would give an unelected commission influence to get reduce regulations over environment, health, and workplace safety. It has already passed the House! Call your senators and ask them to oppose this act. Indivisible Guide has scripts available.

Action Item 5: The Trump campaign wants us to evaluate his first 50 days. Let’s kindly do so here.

Action Item 6: The Ides of Trump is tomorrow! More information here. Here are some resistance postcards. If you use any of these, please post on social media with the hashtag #PostcardsFromThePeople. They are also looking for more artists and designers to join them!

Action Item 7: CrowdPac as a campaign to impeach Steve King (R-IA) from office. More info here. Here is more information on King’s recent comments.

Action Item 8: Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) has introduced a Resolution of Inquiry (H.Res. 186) directing the Treasury Secretary to provide to the House of Representatives Trump’s tax returns from 2006 through 2015, as well as other financial documentation. If you think that Trump’s tax returns need to be made public, tell your congressman/women to cosponsor H.Res. 186. Here’s the Indivisible Guide’s background and script for asking your Representative to cosponsor the resolution.

Action Item 9: And as always, be kind.



The Week Ahead: 3/6/17

Participate in “A Day Without A Woman” on International Women’s Day.

Take the day off from work (if you can), wear red, and avoid spending money or doing any other type of labor, paid or unpaid. Take a photo of yourself with a sign declaring the change you want to see in the world, and add the AGN hashtag #AMPLIFYWomen. Here is a link to the Damsels event on Facebook. Post your action or a photo to social media, using the #DayWithoutAWoman, #BeBoldForChange and #AMPLIFYWomen hashtags.

Your Daily Calls to your MoC should focus on these subjects:

Action Item 1: Stop the ACA repeal bill. Republicans are refusing to share the draft of their Affordable Care Act/Obamacare repeal bill, and they are trying to move the bill through committee so quickly that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office won’t have time to determine how many people it will insure or how much it’s going to cost. Ask your MoCs to publicly demand a CBO score before Congress takes action and takes away healthcare from 32 million Americans.

Action Item 2: Demand that Jeff Sessions resigns. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from investigations into Russia’s interference in the election, but that’s not good enough. The Resistance Manual has a very handy doc of how members of Congress are reacting to this. If your Senators and Representative aren’t demanding that Sessions resign, be sure to ask them why not. Here is a handy script for calling for Sessions’ resignation and also demanding a broader investigation into the administration’s ties with Russia.

Action Item 3: The new unconstitutional Muslim ban.  Ask your MoCs what they plan to do to fight the ban, and how they will ensure the safety of all members of the community.

Action Item 4: Call the Department of Homeland Security and demand that DREAMer Daniela Vargas be released. Background information and call script here.

Action Item 5: As we all know, the best way to change the broken system is to run for office. Here is how you can make this possible.

Action Item 6: Sleeping Giants is working to get companies to stop advertising on Breitbart. Help by re-tweeting and posting their efforts.

Action Item 7: Keep boycotting companies that sell Trump products.

Action Item 8: Support divest efforts. Join a credit union, and ask your city council to divest city-allocated funds as well.

Action Item 9: Call your school principal, mayor and city council members and ask how they plan to protect immigrants and Muslims who are directly affected by the executive orders.

Action Item 10:  And as always, be kind.


The Weekend Ahead: 2/25/17

Action Item 1: From Postcards for America:  for all members from AZ, CO, IA, IN, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, OK, SD, TN, WA:
1) send postcards to your STATE legislators regarding laws that would criminalize or increase penalties on peaceful protesting;

2) send postcards to your Governors to ask them to veto any legislation that would criminalize peaceful protesting;

3) contact your State ACLU to see what can be done. Here are links to specific bills, and more info here.

Action Item 2: Since you have the postcards out, why not sent a postcard to Amazon’s Board of Directors, telling them to stop advertising on Breitbart. Names and addresses here.

Action Item 3: At the Sierra Club’s request, tweet a pic or video with #YouRepresentMe, & say who you are to your representatives, to show that that you are not a “paid” protestor!

Action Item 4: Demand accountability from your local and national media sources! Demand that they stop calling constituents who want to interact with their rep’s “protesters.” While you are at it, demand that they stop calling rioters “protestors”! Contacts here.

Action Item 5: If you are creatively inclined, Trump Won’t Stop Us needs you! Remember Carrie Fisher’s wise words, “Take your broken heart and turn it into art!” Trump Won’t Stop Us plans to have gallery shows in every state, and art submissions are due by March 18th!

Action Item 6: As always, be kind.