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Enabling Campaign- Rand Paul

January 30 - January 31

Contact Information

Email- https://www.paul.senate.gov/connect/email-rand (you can use “Newton Plan, Cloverbrook Farms Shelbyville, KY 40065” as your home address.)

Call- 202-224-4343

Fax- (202) 228-6917

Twitter- @RandPaul

Twitter Template: America’s children deserve better than DeVos. You would not accept her for your children’s education; why should we accept her for ours?

Email/Call/Fax Template:

Dear Senator Rand Paul,

You once said with regards to public schools that, “the people being hurt aren’t the rich white kids in the suburbs, it’s poor black and brown kids in the inner city.”

Confirming Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary would further hurt those who need quality education the most: the 1 child out of 5 who currently lives in poverty. DeVos doesn’t understand the role poverty plays in our educational system, nor does she possess the qualifications needed to fulfill this very important role. She has led a privileged life, but even more critically she has no education degree, no teaching experience, has never attended a public school, and is not an educator or education leader — her “education” background is erected on her donations.

You went to public school, and you are one of the few lawmakers whose children currently attend public school. We know that the credibility and efficacy of our education system is important to you.  Betsy DeVos advocates for school choice, but this is problematic when school quality is disregarded. Her choices will only further the education gap, and cause those who need a quality education to go unnoticed.

DeVos wants to commandeer public funding for private education, which is the exact opposite of everything you stand for. She has been a key player in shaping the Michigan charter school system, which is severely lacking in oversight, with little accountability for how tax dollars are spent or how effectively students are educated. This record alone should be enough to give you pause.

Please think not only about our children when you go vote in regards to Betsy DeVos — think about your own children. Will you take them out of public school? You have the ability to do so, where as many of us are not so lucky. Make the right choice for the future of our country.


[Your name]

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January 30
January 31