Damsels in Defiance

Always Forward, Never Back.

In the Name of Christian Patriarchy


As crosses hang on the walls over their desks,
They vote to decriminalize hate,
Legalize discrimination, and
Criminalize Love.

A rejection of decency,
They get on their knees on Sunday,
Then vote to let rapists sue their victims on Monday.

Inconvenient truth,
Under the guise of religious liberty,
Referring to their holy book to justify hate throughout history,
The same way segregationists justified racial bigotry,
Religious conservatives justify intolerance.

I was born once,
I don’t care to be born a second time,
that second time around is usually a call to circumscribe my freedoms.

It’s a call to guilt, but I’m no longer vulnerable to the lie,
A call to self-judgment, but I’ve already met my soul,
A call for pseudo-perfectionism as a method to pick and choose who deserves grace.

It’s an effort to thwart my progress and stifle my growth,
To impede my ascent,
An attempt to keep me from growing beyond them,
From taking up space,
From expressing my Truth.

I ran away from an institution that perpetuated lies,
And shamed my voice,
An institution where all of the rules were created by men,
And women could only participate from the sidelines.

Men are killing women, three a day,
Men are violating women and raping women, one every 6.2 minutes,
Men are trying to silence women- on buses, in board rooms, in churches, on school boards, and senate floors.

Like thieves in the night,
Taking our dignity,
Dishonoring our humanity,
And stealing our bodies.

All in the name of Christian patriarchy.

For centuries, women haven’t been allowed to participate,
We haven’t had a seat at the table,
We’ve been left out and locked up and locked out,
We’ve been burned, hung, and beheaded.

But here we are bruised, battered, and on fire.

Our fire will light the way,
because our rage is as infinite as our Love.
The awakening has begun,
And we are going to excavate the site where our ancestors are buried,
Still angry,
And invite them to the Revolution,
Because this is where we will undo, overturn, revoke, destroy, and transform every system that does not demand justice.

  We Will Rise.

– Crystal

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