Damsels in Defiance

Always Forward, Never Back.

The People Who Cried Wolf


The wolf crept in, never dodging the light. He vaulted center stage and lashed anger, hate, and fear. They lapped it up while we cried “wolf!” and pushed us to the side.

We could see his sickness- the insatiable need to conquer and dominate, the greed, the hate and self-righteousness of epic proportions. He could never be wrong, he refused to apologize.

Rather the wolf would sooth his pack with lies of “I never said that” or “that’s not what I meant”. While his words and actions preyed on Women, Minorities-anyone not rich, white, straight, and male; “Wolf” we cried “Wolf!!!” to no avail.

They let the wolf in, saying he would be tamed-we cried “wolf” again- we were mimicked, we were shamed. “He’s not like all the others, this is a good thing” they insisted over our loud cries.

“Wolf” we cried again, they laughed at our “sensitiveness” and pushed us to the side. When they heard his own voice telling how he’d taken advantage and lack of respect, they said that’s just talk.

When the wolf bore his teeth, dripping with blood, they stayed silent and allowed their wolf to climb. “Wolf” we cried with fear and dismay. “Wolf! Look, can’t you see?”

The wolf continued to ravage all villages of the different, while we screamed “Wolf!” and they refuted our cries and insisted we should just accept it and move on.

The wolf now sits on the highest mountain in the land, as he picks and chooses who is worthy and who should be left in the cold. Again we cry “Wolf!” our voices our hoarse, our feet are tired, yet we march on for ourselves and others-screaming for what is right.

When will it be enough, when will they see? We are trying to be their shepherds, we only want fairness and equality. He wants power, money and control; he cares not for their needs.


A Poem by Lisa

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