Damsels in Defiance

Always Forward, Never Back.

We are the Descendants of a Glorious American Tradition. Do Not Despair


During the Progressive Era, half of the people who were fighting for democratic representation, against corrupt, entrenched political power did not even have the vote. The people fighting against factory owners for fair wages, humane hours, and safe conditions were the least powerful members of society. The journalists exposing corruption in government and industry were derided by the President as useless muckrakers. The deck was utterly stacked against the good guys.

But those who did not have formal political representation agitated, demonstrated, and went on strike until they had raised the consciousness of those who did have power. They achieved the voter, labor, and consumer protections we must fight for now.

We know it can be done, and we know how to do it. Let nobody tell you that marching, demonstrating, and speaking the truth about corruption accomplishes nothing . They are afraid of everything that it can.

Pictured: Garment workers on strike in 1909. 20,000 workers, mostly young Jewish immigrant women, comprising 2/3 of the entire garment industry, went on strike, within two days achieving contracts with almost every factory in the city (notably, not the Triangle Factory, where a fire would kill 150 workers in 1914). They were led by 23-year-old Clara Lemlich, who had recently recovered from a brutal beating by hired goons.


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