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Quick Tips to Prepare for the Women’s March on Washington


1) Try to get some rest the night before the march (if you can!) 

2) Come prepared: wear comfortable shoes, bring water and snacks (many shops will likely be closed or have very long lines and wait times).

3) Plan for extremely long lines at metro stations; if possible obtain a prepaid metro card before the March.

4) Cell phone service may be bad due to the number of people concentrated in one space. Try not to use your cell unless you have an emergency. Download Twitter and Whatsapp as your alternate communication tools.

5) Backpacks are not allowed. Your possessions may be subject to search. Bags/totes/purses for small items cannot be larger than 8″x 6″x 4″. Colored transparent bags are not permitted. Allowances may be made for people with disabilities or special circumstances. Click here for more info on this.

6) Consider using the Find My Friend App.

7) If you’re going in a group with friends, family, children etc., have a designated meeting spot to go to if someone gets lost or separated.

8) If you are bringing small children, it might be a good idea to leave a copy of your phone number in your child’s pocket and have a plan for what to do if for any reason you are separated.

9) Solid posts or supports for signs are not be permitted. Look at this FAQs list for more info on signs as there are also size restrictions.

10) Practice scenarios beforehand to prepare for unexpected or unintended situations. Although the March is intended to be absolutely peaceful, we cannot predict how onlookers will react. Police officers will be present; treat them with respect. It is our responsibility to de-escalate situations when we can, and to know when to remove ourselves from a situation.

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